Dr.Yohannes Abate Nano Optics Research Group

Our lab is interested in exploration of fundamental nanoscale physical phenomena and interactions in nano- and quantum- materials using terahertz, infrared, and optical spectroscopy and imaging techniques with diffraction unlimited spatial resolution.

"As we go down in size, there are a number of interesting problems that arise. All things do not simply scale down in proportion. There is the problem that materials stick together by the molecular (Van der Waals) attractions. It would be like this: After you have made a part and you unscrew the nut from a bolt, it isn't going to fall down because the gravity isn't appreciable; it would even be hard to get it off the bolt. It would be like those old movies of a man with his hands full of molasses, trying to get rid of a glass of water. There will be several problems of this nature that we will have to be ready to design for."
 - Feynman, R., 1960, Eng. Sci. 47, 22.


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